DIY - Brake Piston and Calliper Service

Tools required:

1. 10mm spanar (common ring more better)
2. 14mm spanar (common ring or socket)
3. Pen knife or screw driver
4. Rags and sand paper
5. Jack and tools to remove ur wheel

Symptoms that happen that u know ur brake need to service:

1. Ur wheel can't turning when u jack ur car
2. scratching sound when applying ur brake
3. Brake pad wear
4. Brake jam

First, take out ur wheel. U'll see ur disc brake and caliper. By using 14 mm spanar or socket Loose the bolt that tighten ur brake hose and the caliper to ur knuckle. Take it out.

After that, by using 14mm bolt that using to tight ur caliper to ur knuckle, tight it well to the brake fluid inlet.

Then use 10mm spanar open the breather plug and by using the air duster blow inside the hose slowly until the piston come out. (CAUTION: Watch out ur hand/fingers-the piston may stamp). 

After that u will see inside ur caliper-YUCKS!!

Remove the dust cover and the oil seal inside. 

Clean up inside the caliper and if the stain won't remove use the sand paper to clean it up. Tadaaaa!!!!

Put back the new oil seal and the dust cover. Use a hammer and any tools to punch the piston to the lowest position. Then assemble like u see it before. Add the brake fluid (if u use dot 3 before better use the same type again) Start engine and breathing the brake to remove the air that trapped inside ur brake system.

Sorry no picture for the oil seal, dust cover and piston assembly-my hand really dirt!

Overall cost:
1. Caliper service kit RM 28

If u don't have the air duster and compressor just bring ur caliper to the nearest workshop-pinjam jap diaorg punya air duster tu


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