DIY - Fixing Intermittent Starting/ Main Relay problem

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Main relay symptoms are:

* Car won't start when hot outside
* Car won't start after parked for just a minute.
* Car starts but quickly dies . A second cranking attempt will crank but no signs of catching or any strong rpm movements.
* Once started the car won't stall. After the car runs for a couple minutes, the symptoms return after shutting off the engine.
* Windows have been rolled up on a hot day when problem occurred.
* The heater was on before turning the car off.
* No (humming) sound from the fuel pump the moment the ignition switches ON.
* No click sound after the ignition key turns on or
* No click sound two seconds after the ignition turns on.

Solution 1: Replace the main relay. (Some step can apply)
Solution 2: Remove and repair the main relay. (This is what we gonna do)
Solution 3: A temporary fix. (Bang on the dashboard or the main relay with the ignition ON until you hear the fuel pump running.Then start the car quickly. Don't shut off the car while the car is running or you will not be able to restart.

FiXING the Main Relay.

1.Gently remove the panel under the steering. Watch out for clip listed or u might broke it.

1st step done and look light this

2.Locate the main relay. Its on your left leg side

3. Untight the screw shown and remove the main relay from bracket

This is Main Relay look light

4.Using a flat screwdriver pry it open and pull it out

5.Time to re-solder the relay.

In my case, got cold joint as shown, but i dont want to take any failure chance later so i resolder all the contact point.Just beware, dont take to much time solder each point or u might bring heat up and melt the relay below(the plastic part)

6. Reassamble the relay.The main relay will only go in one way into the housing.
7.Installation in reverse order. Put everything back.
8. Fire up your engine. If still cant start. Go buy another main relay since u dont have talent to DIY.



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