DIY - Throttle Body Cleaning..

Bored at home (missus & son was sleeping like there was no sleeping for 2 days) i came across of doing this..took me around 30 mins or so..prepped myself with the following :-

1. phillips screwdriver
2. #10 spanner
3. used toothbrush
4. CRC carb & TB cleaner
5. used cloth

firstly,where is it?? located on top of the engine bay with the PGM-FI mark..the thing is connected to an elephant-trunk like hose..all you have to do is to open it up..
but first, disconnect the battery..

then, the hoses and connectors that would obstruct your work..

take the screwdriver and screw off the clamp underneath..

take the trunk out and you could see the TB's mouth..

take the CRC cleaner and spray it inside the TB..open the throttle by pushing the intake lifter located beside the TB..using the toothbrush, brush all the way inside it (as far as u can go)and this is what happens..

after finishing that,take the cloth and wipe all the stains out..
put back all the hoses and connector back to its place..connect the battery and start the engine..you'll notice that the engine is quite hard to start and when it starts, it jerks a little bit..in some cases, white smoke will appear through the exhaust..this is where it emits all the sampah sarap inside the TB..take it for a spin..you'll notice the difference..


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