How To Fix The Micro Compressor On Yours Vehicle

Dear Havoc's

I found this manual and love to share with some of you guys out there maybe interested to try and DIY...

Follow the manuals
1. Check original rpm before installing Micro Compressor. (Ensure air-cond is on off mode)
2. Switch off the car engine.
3. Remove the hose connection from manifold supply air inlet.
4. Reconnect the hose with "T" joint and link it to the additional hose provided.
5. Preferably, fit the unit away from heat area.
6. Shorter hose would be much advantageous.
7. Place the unit slanting positon at the angle ranging 15' to 45' degree gravity magnitude.
8. Air vent-screw should be tighten up before switch on the car engine.
9. Start car engineer and wait for a few minutes.
10. Counter tuning by adjusting the air vent-screw to obtain original rpm reading or reading or engine become stable.
11. Please refer to the below installation guide diagram.

Happy D.I.Y....



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  2. can i know where to get this micro compressor ??? and this car is mercedes right ??

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