Rear Fog Install / Rear Bumper Removal



-Dremel tool and attachments
-12mm wrech
-flat head screw driver
-phillips screw driver
-long nose pliers
-box cutter
-6mm allen wrench
-sand paper
-electric tape
-24inch wire (only had some speaker wires in hand)
-silicone adhesive sealant
-1 self threading philips screw

-remove all visible philips screws on both left and right side of the rear bumper

-from underneath the bumper, you should see a plastic cap covering the nut for the bumper support
(1 on each side), pry out plastic retaining clips with the use of a flat head screw driver.
-remove the nut with the use of your 12mm wrench.

-while under the bumper, you should see 3 plastic retaining clips, remove them by using a self 
threading screw. screw in securely and pull it with your pliers, the plug should come with the screw. 
then pry out the retaining clip with a flat head screw driver.
-from inside the trunk, you should find 2 rubber plugs covering the last 2 12mm nuts holding the bumper.

-you are now ready to slide out the bumper away from the car. lay it down on some towels to 
avoid messing up the paint on your bumper.

-separate the inner bumper support from the bumper cover by removing the plastic retaining clips with 
the above mentioned method. there are 12retaining clips (3 at the bottom and 9 on top).

-in an OEM 90-91 rear bumper, you should see an outline on where to cut (i just used some white 
chalk to clearly define the outline).

-with the use of your Dremel and a steady hand, follow the outline and cut away. sand down any 
rough edges manually and you'll get to this..

-test fit your EDM EF rear fog and make the necessary adjustments.

-cut the styrofoam padding of the bumper with the use of a box cutter to accomodate the rear fog. 
i also had to cut a portion of the rear fog housing for it to sit flush with the bumper support installed. 

-use a 6mm allen wrench to remove 4bolts holding the rebar from the bumper frame. cut through 
the fiberglass rebar as it will push the rear fog out if you don't. on the pic, you should only cut on 
the highlighted area(cut too much on mine and there's no way of glueing it back!). also, there might be 
a way not to leave out one of the allen screw, but it was too late in my case when i thought of it.

** if you have another tool for cutting fiberglass, use it. i only had a dremel on hand and cutting through 
the fiberglass rebar added a good hour on my install.

-run your wires through this grommet and fill it with some silicone.

-put everything back together. stand back and admire your work. 


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