DIY - Changing Auto Transmision Fluid (myk gearbox)

 Tool required:

1. Small size extent with wrench (as pic below don,t know what size)
2. A container (buat tadah minyak lama)
3. Corong ( I use battery water bottle-cut at the middle and put a long hose at the cap)

Firstly, jack ur car or ram it high. if u don't have a ram, jack it and steer ur wheel to right-it easier to u to find the drain plug.

Let ur engine cool down a bit (if too hot u can't hold it or it'll damage ur thread). Loose the drain plug by using the extent with it wrench.Take out the ATF dipstick for better flow. Let it for a few minutes.

After that tight it back and start pouring 3 bottles the new ATF (automatic transmision fluid) through the ATF dipstick indicator hole.

Put the gear at N (neutral) position and start engine. Let the engine runs until ur radiator fan running. Stop the engine and check the ATF level. It's must in the hot range position. If not add more ATF.

p/s: make sure the gear in N position not P (according to my sifuu)

sorry no more picture-actually this car need to change the torque converter oil seal, the main bearing and connecting rod bearing without remove the cylinder head. here how it's look.

engine bay


The process (1st time the owner just want to change the gearbox oil seal after that he ask me to change the engine bearing pulak huhuhu)

Engine and bearing




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