Honda Prelude Head Light Retractor / Pop Up Repair

This motor cant function because of the carbon brush problem. It is for Honda Prelude 3rd Generation left side. Not sure for 2nd Generation.

For your information, this motor run one way for close and open. No reverse.  Look at the below circuit to believe it.

Luckily, the carbon brush holder (copper) is undamaged. So, it is possible to repair by imitate the  original  carbon brush.

The green part is the circuit switching . "Retractable Head Light Control Unit" will supply and the green circuit will cut off when fully closed or fully opened.  

It seems like the carbon brush was diminished due to the improper  motor housing  installation. (bad technician)

I used this type of carbon brush. Use small hand saw to cut like the picture below.

It needs patient and good hands to produce like this. Remember  the carbon brush is fragile.  Careful and  gentle.

Combined 2 pages of lighting circuit.
Good Luck!

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  1. hello i want to ask you, I think i have the same problem but i cant recognised what is it, my left motor doesnt work, when i open is look like your 3rd picture,I replace to the right side on the conectors to check if it's work, but dont work. The right side motor is working, I replace to the left side conectors to check if it's work but didn't work on that side. I open the right motor and is the same like the left, so I'm wondering where is the problem? Is there a differnts that left motor can't work on the right side conectors and right to the left side ?