Fixing Kelisa Original Radio Volume Control

Perodua Car Radio

This is rotary encoder to adjust volume. It works by converting  rotation into pulses whether CW pulses or CCW pulses. If  you can find the rotary encoder exactly like this just buy it at reasonable cost or just buy new radio.

De-solder the circled. Use very good sucker or you will get frustration.

Removed rotary encoder from circuit board.

Find the teeth that touch the pulse copper track. Copper track is on the leftmost. 

Just like new. The volume control works very well. Don't know how long it will last since the rotary encoder is mechanical component.

Good Luck


  1. my radios just went bust last month, still thinking or repairing it...

    by the way my meter is busted as well, the total km and the km below it stopped running, but kmph, oil temp and everything else are fine.

    been hunting around but most workshops quote me a price between 450-550 for the whole set. i believe the thing can be fixed at a much lower price. any advice?


  2. You have 2 option here:

    1. Pay the cost 450-550 and settle..
    2. Try to repair by yourself, if lucky it get fixed or you will end up with option 1 plus wasted time.

    If you have extra time... you can try by yourself first...