Replacing Myvi Absorber Top Mounting

The red circles show where the absorber top mounting.
The reason to replace is the annoying sound when the car hit bumper or uneven road surface.

Left and Right have different difficulty level. Left side is easier to replace then the right.

Loose the a nut size 17.

And a nut size 12.

And a nut size 12.

Jack the car.

Push down the brake disk and the top mounting will fall.

The rubber is worn out a bit after 1 year.
The top metal part is loose.

New ones. Comparable with old.

Rubber worn out.

Original Perodua Myvi Top Mounting

There is non circle hole.
This will keep the rod of absorber from rotating when the car is turning.

This is tricky part. 
Since the hole is not circle, the rod of absorber must be in line.
Need two people to work on this since the spring compressor is not around.

One needs to jack up and another one need to align the rod of absorber.

Right side is same as left except the method to install back.
Loosen the lower mounting to remove absorber.
Cover the driveshaft with clothes to avoid damage during this process.
Put some wood on the lower arm as in the picture.
Put absorber on the wood.
Slowly jack up and align the rod of absorber until you can tighten the nut size 17 for 2 or 3 round.

This is a method to manually replace the top mounting without spring compressor.
It is not recommended for someone who not willing to try something more challenges.
More research and study might be needed to build up confidence.


  1. My car is 2007 MYVI. When pass uneven road, very loud although the absorber still working. If i replace it with the new absorber, will it help? Thanks for reply

  2. It depends.....

    Most of the times, it will help....
    If you choose adjustable absorber ...
    make sure the they are serviceable ...

    My friend use HWL on his MYVI... after 4 years need to be serviced.. quite worth it...

  3. if i use adjustable absorber can this problem be settle? i already change the top mounting but after 1 year it worn out again.. its so annoying.. so if using adjustable.. still use the same top mounting? tq

    1. I am not sure the adjustable set including top mounting or not for myvi,,
      for my car Honda... excluded the top mounting...

      maybe there are aftermarket top mounting or called pillow ball..

  4. Hi,

    How much is the top absorber mount price for both side?


  5. i can felt my myvi whole body shaking whenever i start driving and shifting a gear 1 n 2...after shift to 3rd gear the shake gone..izzit bcoz of the absorber mounting or wat??

  6. I've used my Myvi for 1 year 4 month, manufactured in 2013. The problem is my car is slanting to the right side. When I was driving (and checked after I parked the car), I noticed that right side of the car was lower than the left. Is it due to the absorber mounting broken or some other problem like alignment and balancing? Your opinion is really appreciated, thank you.

  7. Lately, change my myvi absorber mounting to bearing mounting which are for Alza absorber mounting. Came with ring kit. Myvi, viva, kancil, kelisa and kenari can be used. Much much easier to turn my steering and feel lighter than previous rubber mounting.
    Nowadays, rubber mounting are quite lousy quality. If can grab real original type mounting, it can be last 7 or 8 years not 2 or 3 years which is fake mounting that they usually claim original. Most of rubber mounting now are not original. Don't spend more unnecessary money to buy those.
    Bearing mounting can be last quite long. Probably 5 years. Who knows. But, for myvi use, should be ok. If use for small car like kancil, kelisa, viva or kenari, you might not feel comfortable because bearing mounting is quite hard. Better go for heavier car like myvi and alza.

    1. Jimmy, where did you buy Alza absorber mounting? And how much? I also want to give a try coz my old mounting easy kaput..just change Dec 14 and now already kaput..

  8. Nice sharing Jimmy...

    Maybe we can go for polyutherene...

  9. Hi...just ask about the mounting yesterday. My myvi is 2007 & 1.3 manual. The repairman told me it's about rm800. Is it that expensive? Thank you in advance.

  10. Hi aslin
    The price range for high quality absorber mounting only Rm150-Rm180

  11. Correct, I bought alza mounting with bearing; RM100 per pair. Labor is RM50. this is for my myvi

  12. Assalam.mohon pencerahan.hole area nut 17 masuk air & berkarat.air bertakung dlm tu x tau dtg dr mna.hole tu tutup dgn cover getah.ade risiko ke utk jgka panjang..tk

  13. Assalam.mohon pencerahan.hole area nut 17 masuk air & berkarat.air bertakung dlm tu x tau dtg dr mna.hole tu tutup dgn cover getah.ade risiko ke utk jgka panjang..tk

    1. biasanya ada lubang kecil untuk air keluar kalau ada air masuk..

      boleh jer tutup dengan getah... takda masalah

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  15. Kalau kereta sy (Kelisa) lubang tu mmg ada cover plastic, datang dengan kereta. Cuba cari atau beli. Part ni memang popular kena curi oleh workshop.

  16. assalam..
    cuma nk tanya...kalau tgk pada gambar yang ke-8 tu...
    tu adalah top mounting kan...
    sy nk tanya yang plate yang bawah skali tu ape nama dia....
    ade jer kat kedai spare part...emm

  17. If change to bearing mounting absorber, do we need to do alignment?