HWL Honda Prelude BA5 Absorber

This is the 1 set of HWL Adjustable for Honda Prelude BA5 body.
Top mounting or pillow ball are not included.

Provided guide manual for front unit.

Provided guide manual for rear unit.

Comparison between adjustable and standard absorber.

One of the advantages for adjustable absorber is the serviceable feature.
We can send back to HWL factory and they will service and replace necessary part.

My friend. Practical student. hehe..

Very easy to install. Just need basic tool.

One problem for this absorber, they dont have hook to hold the brake hose line.
Very dangerous and you need some idea to protect the hose as the absorber will touching the hose.

The rear standard absorber. Needs allen key to hold the center rod.
Do it on the grass as the spring will kicking out the absorber.

Rear unit.

Reuse the standard top mounting.
If you have budget, buy after market pillow ball.

I use car rubber hose to protect the brake hose.
Try to turn the steering to make sure this idea is good.
Other way is to buy braided hose.

Good Luck and Happy DIY !

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