Honda Prelude Master Reservoir Cleaning

Dirty brake fluid.

Very dirty...

Use this cheap siphon pump.
Be careful not to spill.

That Yeo's does't mean for thirsty.  
It is used to keep the pumped brake fluid.

The maximum the siphon pump can take out the brake fluid.

Just leave it as it is. 
This DIY is just to clean up the reservoir tank.

3 Brothers need some shower.

Use any detergent to clean them.

Wow!  Very difference from before.

Put back the 2 other brothers and pour new brake fluid.

The cap can be cleaned more if you want.
Test the brake.
I do this because the whole system need to bleed out.
Replace all old brake fluid in the system.

Clean any brake fluid spill on any part.
The brake fluid is very sharp and can damage paint. 

For reference.


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