Repair The Radiator Mounting

This double layer radiator had one of its mounting broken.

The other one is in good condition.

This guy help me for welding job. 

I used door hinge pin. It suits the rubber mounting.

Mark it!

Cut it by using grinder.

Very nice!
The base have larger contact area surface.
This contribute to strong mounting solution.

Shine bright like a diamond!

Left one is previous mounting. 
Repaired by halfcut mechanic.
It does't stand long because the contact area are smaller.
The new one was sprayed with anti rust paint.

Put some epoxy and hold it with black tape.
Any tape can be used.

After 30 minutes.

Nice and stronger.

This DIY is purposely give some idea on how to repair radiator mounting 
and make it last longer.

Good LUCK!

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