Honda Prelude Piston, Brake Pad and Brake Disk Service

Take out the wheel.

For Honda Prelude 88, it needs impact screwdriver to  disassemble the brake disk.
Carefully not to damage the screws. 

Loosen the bolts sized 12 to remove the caliper.

FBK brand.
The cheap brake pad will produce more dusk and not last longer.

Another bolts sized 14 to remove the caliper bracket.
The disk can be removed.
Need to send both front brake disk to machine shop.
New brake pad and new skimmed disk.
Really worth it.
Brake disk removed.
Method I used to take out the piston was by pressing the brake pedal slowly.
Until the brake fluid leaking.
After leaking,  use this tool to lock the brake hose.
I brought sample to spare part, he gave me this.
Integra brake pad same as prelude ?

No Bedding In

To save time, i sent both brake disk to machine shop first.
While waiting, i do other tasks.
1000 Sand paper grade and old toothbrush.

Clean as good as you can as long no big rust to prevent the piston seal from seated properly.
Put some light grease.
Make sure the seal seated evenly.
The hardest part.
Need patient to figure out how to put piston in.
I created this thing.
Make sure the end is not sharp.
It can hurts outer dusk cover.
Hold left circled part first and slowly expand the rubber dusk cover.
If you have friend, ask him to hold 2 points while you expand the rubber.
DONE!!! If the piston is hard to pushed in, put some  HW40 from the hose hole.
Looks better. Like new brake disk.
Dont forget to service these part.
Replace if you can find new boot.
Bleeding to remove trapped air.

Top up the brake fluid during piston removal and bleeding.

Good luck!

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