Honda with FICD - Fast Idle Control Device

This picture shows the custom idle Air Condition (AC) control.
Originally for injection, ECU will raise the idle when AC is switched on by adjusting the EACV.
This FICD originally came from Toyota car branded Denso.

I used small filter to filter and adapt the big hose to smaller hose.
The blue line act as intake
and the green circle is adjusting screw.
Due to the air restriction of the small filter, it only can raise idle up to 800 only.

EACV - Electronic Air Control Valve.


This is upgrade as the idle only go 800 or lower as small filter and small vacuum port.
The blue hose is silicone type and flexible enough to go anywhere. 
The other one goes to air breather hose using 'T' joint before.
Let the engine warm enough and set the air conditioner idle to 900 or any you like.

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