Honda Prelude BA5 Front Lower Arm Bush and Anti Roll Bar Bush

Put stands and you are ready to work under the car.

This anti roll bar bush needs to be replace due to age and wear.

Loosen out 2 bolt sized 14.

Any way you can do as long the bush and long bolt is gone.
Grind them if the long bolt is stubborn.
Finally end up with cutting with grinder.

Use ball joint remover to remove lower arm.

Closer photo.

May this reference guide Prelude owner to find bush.
For trailing bush, the shop suggest me the Mitsubishi Pajero V6.
It looks similar.

Mitsubishi Pajero V6 vs Honda Prelude BA5.

Honda Prelude BA5 vs Mitsubishi Pajero V6.

Mitsubishi Pajero V6 bush used in Honda Prelude BA5.

Anti Roll bar bush.
Similar to Honda Accord SM4 25mm.

Easy enough for beginner.

Put some rubber grease.

New anti roll bar end bush.
This is how they are arranged.

Everything new for lower arm components.

Next time upper arm bush. Shall be easier take less time.

Happy DIY!!!

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