DIY To Detect Current Leak In Car

Hi All,

This time i'd like to show your a simple way to detect current leak in car.
If your battery will be weak after a day or two or even a weak,
 this probably some device in your car is eating battery charge even though  you already pull out your key.

Some mechanic know this method but unfortunately most of them are not.
They would like to tell you the battery or alternator is faulty.

Pull out your car key.
Make sure all equipments are switched off.
Disconnect negative terminal.
You can do this on positive terminal whichever easier to do.

Either red or black probe connect to the ground connector.
And either red or black connect to the battery terminal.
It doesn't matter which probes are to connect to which place.

This is important part.
You need to set your multimeter to current measurement mode.
Make sure your multimeter is able to measure current up to 10 A.
Pay attention on the red circles.

My car shows around 0.82A leaking current which is normal due to the alarm system.
Even more than two weeks without engine start, it can crank easily.

Good Luck and Happy DIY!