Honda Accord CD6 Brake Disk Rotor Replacement

This article came from my friend blog.
'I' here is 'him' .

The disc have Refinishing Limit or skimming limit.
Usually they call skim disc.

This is Service Manual Book CD7-CD9, Accord SV4 Coupe

While I dont have CD6 reference, 
I decided to refer to Prelude service manual 
which the disc size is same because the same engine code H22A

Prelude 93 Service Manual with H22A Engine

I changed the disc first before refer to service manual.
The manual said the Maximum Refininshing Limit is 21.0 mm.

Measured approximately 21.0mm.

The disc need to be changed.
Actually my father never done anything to this car.
I had these disc 2 times skimmed.
Experienced people said, the disc can be skimmed 2 times only or the disc can be warped or risky to crack.
Better change before you hit other car.
The reason i changed is the steering will vibrate while braking.

Diameter of CD6 H22A.
Mr  Jamaluddin had changed his disc and i asked the shop info for me to buy.


I forgot to take note the part number.

I took this change to replace both lower ball joint.

Pair Brembo 11inch Fr Rotor : RM 350
2 Lower Fr Ball Joint (JP) : RM 150
Metal King Bendix Brake Pad: RM 185

Original Article: http://kechiex.blogspot.com/2012/10/front-disc-rotor.html

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