Honda Prelude BA5 AC Blower Motor Service

Hello To all DIYers!!!
This time i'd like to show you how to fully service or overhaul 
the AC blower unit before you send your car for AC service.

You can use what ever method want.
I used light grease or anti rust spray to remove oily stain.

Top and bottom.

Use some sand paper to help to remove any rust together with the anti-rust spray.
Very helpful in fastening the process.

In digital climate AC controller,
 it uses power transistor instead of power resistor for analog AC controller.

Power transistor.

Power resistor.

Dirty blower motor. 
Couple of years without service or cleaning.

Check the the two carbon brushes. 
Don't hesitate to replace or modify them if they are worn.

The copper part on the right is the commutator bar.
It will be touching the carbon brushes to conduct current.
Check also for wear and tear.

Cleaned up.

For motor assembly use some soft tie wire or anything to hold the carbon brush in place.

Easy enough with this method.
The tie wires can be removed.

Some tool i used to assemble the motor.

Put the motor steadily.

Put the 'L' into the housing to avoid the magnet from attract the motor,.


Fasten the screws. The yellow colour area.

I sprayed the metal part with anti-rust paint.
2-3 layers to prevent any rust build.

Cleaned like refurbished.

The black box is the servo motor to open flap to let the outside air into cabin.
I locked it since the AC Controller panel is unable to signal the servo motor.

Almost like new.

Flap Servo Motor.

Ready to be installed in car.

Blow like new.
The high speed draws current about 8-9 Amp.
Be careful not to turn to full speed most of the time.

Good Luck!


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