Honda Prelude B20A Water Pump Pipe Replacement

This time I'd like to share some experience to replace corroded water pump pipe.

First remove exhaust as in the photo.
This will give some space to replace water pump pipe.

And the 2 intake mounts.

The 2 intake mounts.

Cut the hard to remove hose.
Make the job more faster.
Just replace with new hose.
Save time and save sweat.

The old and new water pump pipe.

Local made.

Corroded water pump.
It just running for 30,000km.
I installed it with timing belt kit.

Close picture.
Clean it as clean as possible.
Limited view to see with eyes.
I used phone camera to take this picture.

Picture with water pump pipe removed.

The right one is from Mitsubishi Pajero V6.

Use gasket maker to seal the water pump pipe.

For other hose, use grease to protect the pipe and avoid hose to stick hard to pipe.

You can use pipe clip or standard car clip to hold the hose.
They have pro and cons.

Tight enough to hold the hose.

Replace all hose for assurance the cooling system.
Hose is cheap.
Dont repeat the same repair.
Do it in package.

For reference Honda B20A.


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