Honda Prelude Front Engine Mount 50814-sf1-50010

Hi All DIYers,
This time i am going to share
steps involved in replacing broken 
for Honda Prelude BA5 with Engine B20A

View from top the mount unit.
Ignore the Red Spray which is Anti Rust Pain

After Radiator being removed.

Front Mount for Auto.
Auto and Manual Transmission
different mount.
Because of HARD TO FIND the correct one.
I just used new manual Front Mount

Cover the jack with whatever you think suitable.
To avoid damaging Engine or Transmision Case/

Aiming The Correct Place.

3 Bolts have been removed.

Really bad.
It makes the dashboard vibrate in IDLE

Chassis side part
and Engine side part.
You can take this opportunity to spray with any color.


Closer view
In this task i sprayed all mounts with white color.
Easier to see the mount and the movement.

Good Luck


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