Honda B20A Fuse Box Replacement

Hi All DIYers..
This time I'd like to share DIY to replace broken fuse box for Honda B20A.
It took about 2 hours to complete the job.
Also depends on experience and tools

Here you can see the broken fuse box.
Water or dirt can get into the box.
Not very nice for current carrier.

For big fuse wire, there is color mark on the fuse box itself.
If the mark is fade, you can mark by yourself on your own creativity.

Replacement fuse box.
Not new but still can be used.

Use flat screwdriver to unlock the lock.
If you have less experience, you need to slowly learn and practice.

For every partition, 
I recommend to tie them for easy reference and re-install.

Old fuse box completely removed.

I took this chance to sand paper the wire lug.
Very easy task.

Re-install to new box. 
Be careful and double check the wire
 since there is 2-3 same color code or looks similar.

The circuit inside the box.

The fuse box looks nicer than before.
For empty relay port, I put spare relays.
Useful for survival in Zombie days. (Just joking)

For Reference

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  1. Hi there! Thank you for sharing this. Recently my Honda has been giving me trouble. I went to the mechanic to find that the fuse box needs to be replaced. This post will come in handy.