Nissan Livina Air Cond Filter Repalacement

Hi All Nissan Owner,
This time i gonna show you how to change cabin filter.
Very Easy.

All you need is new cabin filter
screw driver (+) or test pen also can work.
The blue circle is only screw you need to unscrew. 

This tool really useful.
The bit and size can be changed easily.
Noticed the screw is plastic type.
You need to unscrew half only.

The cover taken out.

After the cover removed.
Ya... Grand Livina
Grandpa Grandma Car!  Haha
The dirty collected after 1 year ++
This is cooling side one.
Less dirty.
To install back
this is the right vertical position.
New filter clean and white.
Almost finished.
Took less than 10 minutes
 unless you want to clean other part.
I recommend to vacuum this filter house.
If not you have to use brush.
Tan Chong Brand.
What a cool name if you can put your name there.

Good LUCK!

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  1. this DIY is really helpful. being on a budget i did not want to get external help but tried on doing it on my own with the guidance of this post and it worked